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Kinder Bridge Program Highlights

Do you have a student who seems ready for Kindergarten but turns 5 shortly after September 1st?  Or do you have a student who is old enough for Kindergarten but you feel would benefit from another year of preparation?  Our Kinder Bridge program may be right for your child!



Redeemer’s Kinder Bridge program (KBR) falls under the Elementary School. 


Special features of our Kinder Bridge program include:

  • Jesus Time - children learn stories from the Bible.

  • Phonics and reading - Along with being read to, the children learn and review the alphabet. Then, they progress to learning sounds and blends and conclude with the child reading words all by him/herself. 
  • Handwriting is practiced throughout the day in all activities.
  • Students participate in Enrichment Classes: Gym (2x week), Spanish (2x week), Music, Choir, Art, Library, STEM (all 1x week).
  • Students benefit from all the age-appropriate ways that 4 and 5-year-old children learn best - through play, repetition, hands-on experiences, and games.
Kinder Bridge helps prepare each child to become a confident, Kindergarten-ready student as he/she grows and develops socially, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually in the way God made him/her to be.