What grades are required to wear uniforms at Redeemer? 

Kinder Bridge through 8th grade students are required to wear uniforms.  Early childhood students do not wear uniforms.


Do you have options for extended care?

Before and after school options are available to families at additional cost.  The earliest drop off time is 7am.  The latest pick up time is 6pm.  All ages have the options for extended care if needed.   


Does Redeemer offer tuition assistance?


We offer tuition assistance for Kinder Bridge through 8th Grade students.  Click HERE to see our tuition assistance policy and begin a tuition assistance application.


Do your students take the STAAR test? 

Redeemer students do not take the STAAR test.  Redeemer does administer the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) yearly to track student progress, but it is not used for pass-fail purposes.  ITBS testing starts in 2nd Grade.    


Do families need to be Christian or belong to Redeemer Lutheran Church to come to the school? 

No, all families are welcome to apply.


Have a question?  Email us at info@redeemer.net