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Kindergarten - 2nd Grade Highlights

Redeemer follows the Texas state guidelines that require students entering Kindergarten to turn 5 years old before September 1st.  We welcome you to call us at 512-451-6478 if you have questions about that deadline and invite you to look at our Kinder Bridge page for an additional option. 


Special features of our Kindergarten through 2nd grade program include:

  • A strong focus is placed on the basics of math and reading.

  • Students are led to know Jesus through growth in prayer, studying God’s Word, worship, and serving others.

  • Student focus is on learning through play and hands-on, interactive lessons. Group projects allow for interactive learning that teaches the subject matter at the same time as group work and team skills.

  • We recognize that some students begin to read very early while others take longer to master the skills. Students move through the reading curriculum at their own pace with strong teacher oversight.     

  • For students who could use more support to start reading, we offer specialized reading intervention support at no additional cost for Kindergarten through 2nd Our reading interventionist works closely with students to tailor lessons to support reading growth.