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3rd - 5th Grade Highlights

Special features of our 3rd – 5th grade program include:

  • Students are guided through the transition from play-based learning to having more academic responsibility. While still given opportunities for hands-on, interactive lessons, students are also learning to manage their time while having a higher responsibility for in class work and homework.  They will encounter more rigorous academic material.   
  • All students benefit from activity and movement throughout the day.  3rd - 5th-grade students have 1 or 2 recesses per day plus PE classes 3 times weekly.  Students are also given opportunities to move during class activities, and music, Spanish, and art classes all intentionally involve movement in the curriculum.
  • 5th graders may start participating in our middle school athletics program.  Click here for more information: Athletics
  • Social and emotional development in relationships is navigated through a Christian worldview.  Students study the Bible daily as they grow in worship and prayer life. 
  • Students who continue to need reading and further academic support may receive special individual services at an additional cost. Our special resources teacher will help families coordinate testing by Austin ISD (or other ISDs) to determine student-specific accommodations.