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Elementary Program Information

Class profiles and sample schedules will be provided during your visit. 

Enrichment Classes and Recess

All Kinder Bridge – 5th-grade students have Bible lessons or chapel time daily.  They will also have the following once or twice-weekly enrichment classes taught by dedicated subject area teachers:  Art, Choir, Music, Library, Physical Education, STEM Enrichment, and Spanish. 

Additionally, we firmly believe that students are more engaged in the classroom when given time to run and play.  We offer a minimum:

Kinder Bridge – 1st Grade: two 30-minute recesses/day
2nd – 5th Grades: one or two 25 minutes recesses/day


Project Based Learning

Our Elementary School regularly incorporates Project Based Learning units.  Through the Project-Based Learning method, students address a real-world challenge by thinking critically, collaborating, and using various forms of creativity and communication.  Students are guided from tasks of remembering and understanding toward the skills of analysis, evaluation, and creation of new materials.  Teachers across academic disciplines guide students in a variety of individual and team activities as they discover deeper knowledge of their topic and learn how to solve problems together.

Compass (Gifted & Talented) ~ Kindergarten - 5th Grade


In GT, students are challenged academically through a variety of tasks and activities including Project Based Learning activities, Readers Theater, and other enrichment activities. They also grow in their leadership skills and ability to work with their peers. Students are chosen for the GT program through teacher recommendations and observations, as well as test scores and reading assessments.


Field Trips

All Kinder Bridge – 5th-grade classes take 1 – 3 field trips per semester.  Field trips are designed to gain experiential learning opportunities from various places around Austin and central Texas.  5th grade also takes one overnight trip in the spring to Camp Lone Star in La Grange, TX.