Middle School 6th - 8th Grades » Redeemer Middle School

Redeemer Middle School

Redeemer Middle School students are:

  • encouraged to grow in faith.
  • guided to develop healthy relationships.
  • prepared for academic success in high school. 


Redeemer’s middle school offers a close-knit, Christian learning environment.  We have up to 24 students per homeroom, with only two homerooms per grade level in 6th – 8th grade.  This allows for teachers to understand and address each student’s academic level and provide the appropriate challenge and support for student success. 


Redeemer uses 1-to-1 iPads for most textbooks and to allow for more flexibility and creativity with projects and assignments.  Students are taught to research topics and work collaboratively to solve problems using this educational tool.  Families may supply their own iPad, but we also offer the option to buy one for a discount or rent one from Redeemer.

We welcome you to schedule a shadow day so your student can experience a day as a Redeemer Middle School student!  Click HERE to schedule your visit.