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Tuition Rates & Enrollment Fees

If you are looking for Redeemer Early Childhood rates and fees, click HERE.



Application Fee:                                $25 per student
Annual Enrollment Fee:                 $600 per student 
New Student Fee:                           $200 per student (first year only)


All applications, enrollment, and new student fees are non-refundable. 


For new students, the enrollment and new student fees are due at the time of enrollment.  For returning students, enrollment fees for the following school year will be assessed in February. 



ELEMENTARY & MIDDLE SCHOOL TUITION 2023-2024 (Kinder Bridge - Grade 8)

First Child (Oldest):                       $9,500




Discounts are available for additional children in the same family. Also, Redeemer Church Member adjustment - Receive $1000 per child off annually ($500/per semester) from tuition for Redeemer Church members.





Redeemer uses FACTS Tuition Management to manage payment plans for our families.  We require all tuition payment plans, including Before/After Care plans, to be set on automatic draft.  Families may choose to use a checking or savings account, or for an additional processing fee may use a credit card.  Payment frequency options are listed below.


  1. Full payment due by July 1st - $200 per student discount offered for this option
  2. Semester payments are due by July 1st and December 1st
  3. Monthly payments are due on the 1st OR 15th of July – January, March-May
  4. Twice-Monthly payments are due on the 1st AND 15th of July – January, March-May

We do not charge additional fees for choosing an extended payment plan.  February is “skipped” for tuition since families will be paying the next year's enrollment fees.  If withdrawal from Redeemer occurs after July 1st, all tuition paid will be non-refundable and families will be responsible for additional payments per the 30-day notice policy (see handbook). 

Other Fees:


Tuition does not include optional activities including field trips (elementary school), class trips (middle school), athletics, or Before/After School Care.  Lunches may be brought from home or purchased separately and are not included 


Please call the admissions office at 512-362-6318 if you have questions or would like additional information.