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MS: Overnight Trips

Redeemer Middle School students take out-of-town, overnight class trips every spring.  This gives students the chance to stretch and grow their relationships while learning in new environments.  Field trips are “electronics-free”.  Parent chaperones are welcome and encouraged to come.  All field trips are at an additional cost.


6th Grade: Houston for 3 days, 2 nights
6th graders bond as a class through games, service projects, and daily devotions while also visiting museums, parks, and other major sites in Houston.  This trip helps grow relationships outside of the classroom as 6th graders apply the newfound freedom and responsibilities they've gained as middle school students.  

7th Grade: Big Bend National Park for 5 days, 4 nights
7th graders focus on teamwork, learning about nature and ecosystems, and growing in their faith life as they hike various trails and "rough it" in Big Bend National Park.  Students keep journals of their experiences and often cite the challenges and growth that happened on this trip as a highlight of middle school at Redeemer.

8th Grade: Orlando, FL 4 days, 3 nights
8th graders put into practice what they have learned about servant leadership, sharing the Gospel, being lifelong learners, and developing authentic relationships when they head to Orlando.  Students visit Cape Canaveral and Disneyworld.  This trip provides a cultivating celebration of an 8th grader's time at Redeemer.   


Additionally, small field trips may be made during the school year as part of educational or service projects.