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Summer Day Camps

Summer Day Camp options are available for students coming out of Kindergarten through 5th Grades.  These open up an awesome opportunity for parents or caregivers that work and/or for students that want to stay connected over the summer breaks!
Additional information is typically provided for future camps towards the beginning of March each year.  Information provided below will help famlilies to understand what may be available and/or anticipated from our wonderful Summer Day Camps program.
2017 Themed Camps
  • Week 1:  Serve is the Word
  • Week 2:  Maker Fun Factory Vacation Bible School
  • Week 3:  Movin' and Groovin'
  • Week 4:  Hoops, Spoons, Goals, and Bowls
  • Week 5:  Top Chef Redeemer
  • Week 6:  Generation Station
  • Week 7:  Around the World
  • Week 8:  Becoming Phantastic Photographers
  • Week 9:  Feel The Beat
  • Week 10: Wild Worl of Animals
2016 Themed Camps
  • Week 1:  DIY (Do It Yourself)
  • Week 2:  Vacation Bible School: Cave Quest "Following Jesus, the Light of the World"
  • Week 3:  Magic Kingdon Adventure
  • Week 4:  Serve is the Word
  • Week 5:  "Cross" Fit
  • Week 6:  Walk on the Wild Side
  • Week 7:  Circus, Circus The Musical!
  • Week 8:  Olympics 2016
  • Week 9:  Crazy Cooking Concotions
  • Week 10:  Field Trip Palooza Week
2015 examples of past Themed Camps: 
  • Week 1:  The Great Outdoors
  • Week 2:  Vacation Bible School & Fun Trips
  • Week 3:  Field Trips Palooza!
  • Week 4: Serve & Spash
  • Week 5:  Hoops
  • Week 6:  Flakes The Musical
  • Week 7:  Magic Kingdom Adventure
  • Week 8:  Recycled Masterpieces
  • Week 9:  Delicious Designer Art
  • Week 10:  Field Trip Palooza
Camps are offered across 10 weeks and are themed.  Registration is provided based upon weekly attendance.   
Camps usually begin the first week of June.  Redeemer Lutheran School K - 8 ends the week leading up to Memorial Day and starts around the 3rd week in August.  
Pricing for the camps run between $150 - $300 depending upon the themed camp as well as the time for pick-up.  Tuition for each camp is due on Monday, the first day of each camp.  


Early Arrivals / Free Choice Activities 




Snack & Activity Prep 


Morning Session Camp Activities 






Devotion & Song Time 


Afternoon Session Camp Activities 






Group Games 


Gym Time 


Free Choice Center Activities 


Each camp has two attendance options: 7:00am - 3:00pm and 7:00am - 6:00pm. As noted in the schedule above, the specific camp activities will begin at 9:00 each morning. Camp-ers should arrive by 8:30 each morning if early morning care is not needed.


For each attendance option, 3:00 and 6:00 are the ab-solute latest times a camper may be in attendance for that particular tuition rate. A late pick-up fee will be assessed if a camper is not picked up by the appropri-ate time. This fee is assessed on a minute-by-minute ba-sis.


AGES: Camps are open to children who have completed Kinder-garten through completed 3rd grade. Five spaces will be made available each week for Redeemer Lutheran School students who have completed 4th/5th grade. Due to the limited spacing, 4th/5th grade students can sign up for a maximum of 5 weeks of Summer Camp.


ENROLLMENT: A maximum capacity number is set for each week, so it is vital to submit registration ASAP.


REGISTRATION: A $20 non-refundable registration fee per camp will be required to secure a place in a particular camp. This is a registration/commitment fee and is not credited toward the weekly tuition. Registrations and reservations for camps will be processed on a first come, first served basis.


TUITION: Tuition is due on Monday, the first day of each camp. Tuition must be received by close of camp (6:00 pm) Monday. Further attendance and participation in the camp will be prohibit-ed until tuition is paid in full for the camp.


CANCELLATION: Cancellation for a particular camp must be made no later than Monday, 6:00 pm the week prior to the start of the camp in order to not be financially responsible for the tui-tion for that camp. The initial $20 registration fee will be forfeited and cannot be credited to a different camp. Cancellations not made before the deadline will result in full financial responsibility for the full camp tuition regardless of non-attendance.


SNACKS: A morning and afternoon snack will be provided for each camper each day. Campers should bring a water bottle to camp each day.


STAFF: Mrs. Kim Nungaray will serve as the Camp Director for each camp. Campers will be divided into groups and each group will have its own morning and afternoon camp counselor.

To learn more, please contact our Early Childhood Development Center by e-mail Mrs. Kim Nungaray or by phone (512) 459-3015.