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Children are raised to care for and contribute to the whole.


Kindergarten is such an important time in the life of a child. As little minds are starting to think and explore more than ever, they also have to learn boundaries and responsibility. These two elements are not easy to guide simultaneously and many schools simply surrender to an either/or approach. Kids are either taught to view life through the lens of personal autonomy or are instructed with a one size-fits-all approach. But Redeemer Lutheran School is a place where the hard work is done to raise children as unique individuals who have a responsibility to care for and contribute to the whole.


Christ has entrusted special gifts and abilities to each and every child and He calls us to develop these gifts to the glory of God and for the good of our neighbor. I currently have two sons attending RLS where they are learning these vital truths. With my daughter now entering into kindergarten, there is no question where I want her to attend. I want her to be at a school with teachers who have spent a lifetime flourishing in their craft in order to invest into young children. And that school is Redeemer!


At RLS kids are encouraged to be creative, to play, and to learn who God has made them. However, while this is happening, each child is provided structure, accountability, and discipline. I believe this is the best environment for children to learn how to improve themselves without encouraging them to be selfish.


I’m honored to have my kids at RLS and would recommend it wholeheartedly to any parent trying to make the hard decision about where to send their child to kindergarten!


- Mrs. Lindsey Payne