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Elementary Spanish Program

Spanish classes are taught at all levels, from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. Elementary grades meet twice a week. Spanish classes are taught for gaining exposure to the language and the cultures that use it, building vocabulary and basic language use, confidence in speech and listening skills, and respect for diversity. This is done through a variety of methods such as music and song, games, oral and written activities, and through movement. Elementary Spanish is taught by Mrs. Sara Minan.


Why Study Spanish?


It’s everywhere!

An estimated 400 million people worldwide use Spanish in 21 countries. Learning Spanish allows students to understand these countries and cultures better.


It’s history!

The Spanish were some of the first Europeans to settle in the what is now the United States. Six U.S. states have Spanish names as well as countless other places in our country!


It improves knowledge of the English language!

Students who study a second language achieve higher in the areas of reading and language arts.


It provides more opportunities to engage with the community!

Learning another language develops positive impressions of other cultures, provides a wider global perspective, and it fosters a sense of friendship and diversity awareness. 


It’s mental exercise!

A second language bolsters higher cognitive development in mental flexibility, creativity, divergent thinking and higher-order thinking skills.